To decentralize the world’s mining into smaller power footprints.
With high enough volume, OsherPlug may mine more than the biggest farms in the world.

OsherCoin is building the world’s largest virtual mining farm!

Introducing OsherCoin

The world’s first personal
WiFi enabled mining machine –
OsherPlug. Simply plug into an
outlet & have automatic deposits
made to your cryptowallet.


What is the OsherPlug

A wall plugin that can mine
OsherCoin, Ethereum, and
other non-ASIC coins at
15 – 25 MH/s, at less than
50 watts. 

How Does it Work

OsherPlug works with your
network and our OsherApp
to connect you to the OsherPool,
so you can mine with automatic
deposits sent to your wallet.

1 ETH = 1000 OSH

OSH will have a 1 billion coin distribution - 500 million will be distributed to the market

Jan 9th – Feb 9th
35% bonus for the first 5 days
30% bonus for the next 5 days
25% bonus for the next 5 days
20% bonus for the next 5 days
15% bonus for the next 5 days
10% bonus for the next 5 days

On February 9th, crowdsale begins and will remain open for 60 days, or until all the Osher tokens are sold. Any unsold tokens will be burned.

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Mining Rigs


Global Terrawatt-Hours Mining BTC


or Less Watts per OsherPlug


MH/s per OsherPlug


David Avital

David Avital

OsherPlug Lead

David has over 11 years of applications and system engineering, design engineering and marketing experience in high

Dominic Marrocco

Dominic Marrocco

Tech Advisor & Entrepreneur

Dominic made his fortune in venture capitalism, intellectual property and information technology.

Michael Terpin

Michael Terpin

Senior Advisor

Michael currently runs Transform Group & CoinAgenda, connecting investors with blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Dean Anastos

Dean Anastos

Blockchain Developer

Dean is the Founder and CEO of Blockchain Developers, offering a turnkey solution for token creation

Jit Singh

Jit Singh

Blockchain Developer

Jit is an IT solutions & software specialist, with a broad skill set & certifications in both Cisco and Microsoft.